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Fiber Development

We have focused on developing patent pending coating technologies that greatly improve bowstring fiber performance. Our initial product releases have improved abrasion performance, string balance , constructional stability and reduced maintenance. 


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When manufacturing a bowstring the stretching process is used to remove constructional elongation, voids between the fibers, and help balance strands.  This key process produces a more stable bowstring and ultimately less tuning over time. 

An effective method to remove constructional elongation is cycling the tension on the strings during stretching.  Repeatedly tensioning and relaxing the fibers removes axial growth very quickly. This CYCLEBOT is a great tool to consistently cycle the tension and remove voids between the fibers. 



Python Serving Machine

We are utilizing servo motors to improve machine life, operation control  and reduced noise levels.  All components of the Python Serving machine are made to last and be used in an industrial environment. 

Python Server

Industrial Grade Serving Machine

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Beyond R&D

Nothing is more important than actual results and success in the field.  We appreciate all of our product testers and early adopters. 

Zachary Graves

"On average I have seen an increase in speed without compromising specs of my bows or customers bows. We have also seen an increase to longevity of string life and personally an increase in my stability in shot with an increase in scores" @zachary.graves52

Our Team

Team is Everything.  We have extensive experience with fiber technology, machine design, string building and product testing. 


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