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Joshua Hubbs

I’m 23 years old. I’m an avid bow hunter and competitive shooter. I’ve been shooting a bow sense I was 8. I started out in 4H archery and then moved to target archery, both indoor and outdoor. Then I decided I wanted to try bow hunting and when I turned 15 I harvest my first archery buck and biggest to date. From there I was hooked and sense then I haven’t picked up a rifle. All the hunting I do is 90% solo and I hike into wilderness areas. That said I need reliable and dependable equipment. I’ve shot other string material before but none of them compare to Bloodline fiber. In my opinion this material is the toughest and most durable out there. I know I can count on them and that’s why I only shoot bloodline.





Zak Adams started bow hunting at the age of 27 and started competing in target archery at 39. Since that time he competes in as many tournaments, locally and nationally, as possible. In March of 2020, Zak made the switch to Bloodline and has not looked back. He builds strings for bowhunters and target Archers in northern Colorado.

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